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Peer support program

Our Peer Support Programme gives women who are currently experiencing miscarriage and early pregnancy loss, a connection with another woman who has been there before…who ‘gets it’.


Emotional support resources

We have created a suite of Emotional Support Resources to support and nurture you as you navigate your miscarriage and fertility journey. They’ve been written by women who have also experienced what you’re going through and who truly understand the rollercoaster of emotions you’re feeling.


Join our #circleofsupport

Our #circleofsupport collective is the heartbeat of Pink Elephants. Like the elephants who hold space to support a grieving mother, they understand the importance of creating safe spaces. They ensure no one walks the journey alone and create a strong #circleofsupport around all those who need it.

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Is your loved one going through pregnancy loss?

Is your loved one going through a loss? Unsure how to help them? It’s ok we can help you to be there for your loved one to ensure they don’t feel alone after losing their baby to miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Let us guide you with what to say and what you can do to support them. Thank you for taking time out of your day to be part of our #circleofsupport - you are doing an amazing thing.


Help us to right the story of early pregnancy loss by joining our circle of support giving program

Pink Elephants provides the latest resources, information and peer-support for anyone impacted by early pregnancy loss. Using evidence, empathy and connection, our unique digital-first approach offers a single source of specialist support, whenever and wherever it’s needed — for anyone who has directly experienced it, for family and friends, corporate partners or healthcare professionals seeking proven ways to help.

With so much of the current experience of miscarriage based on old science, outdated perceptions, social anxiety and mistruths, Pink Elephants  aims to right the story of early pregnancy loss by smashing the stigma and leading a new narrative, creating a healthier experience for all.

Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2016, Pink Elephants  is a registered not-for-profit that gratefully accepts donations to empower their #circleofsupport

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