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We are so sorry for your loss or losses, and even more sorry that it’s happened within a global pandemic. We are here for you.

As a country, we are experiencing unprecedented and uncertain times, where there are more questions than answers and more anxiety circulating than ever before.

For our Pink Elephants community especially, this is a time of extremely high anxiety and fear for those who are expecting a baby having previously lived through the trauma and grief of early pregnancy loss.

I’m supposed to be really excited but instead, I’m freaking out that I’m bringing this vulnerable little baby into a world that’s broken. I’m ultra paranoid with this new layer of anxiety."

Concerns around medical care, the amount of support allowed and the safety of unborn babies are prevalent.

If you are concerned regarding IVF and assisted conception cycles you should contact your fertility clinic directly.

The Fertility Society of Australia has created a FAQ page to answer the most common questions around the previous changes to fertility treatment.

Fertility Society of Australia FAQ 

We want to assure you that we are here for you.

Our Peer Support Companions are ready and available to talk with you via LiveChat or personalised phone calls.

Our Online Communities understand what you’re feeling and are supporting each other beautifully during this time.

It’s incredibly reassuring to be able to talk to other women who are experiencing the same angst and worry, in a really safe place where I feel comfortable enough to be raw and vulnerable. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to do and I am so thankful for the support.”

We want to reassure you that it’s OK and natural to feel scared or worried. Try to remember that practicing positive self-care is incredibly important, especially now. The resource below (right) contains some simple tips to help bring you some relief.

For the most up to date medical advice, visit these organisations:

The Australian Medical body RANZCOG, has the latest up-to-date information relating to pregnancy and babies.

healthdirect.gov.au contains comprehensive health advice for the whole community.

The World Health Organisation has provided this simple and practical image for pregnant women:

How can you help?

This year we have had a significant increase in demand for our specialised support, not only for those experiencing loss, but also for women who find themselves pregnant after loss and are fearful for the safety of their much-longed-for unborn baby.

You can help ensure this critical emotional care and support is available to all those who need us – now and in the many months ahead.

We simply can’t do this without you! If you are able to make a donation to assist us, please click here. Thank you so much.

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My Miscarriage During Covid-19

I found out I was pregnant in early May which delighted us to be expanding our family (we already have a 2 and half-year-old). From around 5-10 weeks I was so ill due to the pregnancy – bedridden, sick, dizzy, unable to look after our daughter, all good signs of a healthy pregnancy so they say.

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