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Termination for Medical Reasons Stories

My Life of Love

Our journey to have a family is a long and complicated story filled with sadness, love and determination. Our story is more than can be described here but it has sadly included two TFMRs – Termination for Medical Reasons.

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A Heartbreaking Decision

I was over the moon when I saw the little pink line confirming I was pregnant with my first child. Although I knew at the back of my mind things could sometimes go wrong, I was bursting with happiness and rejoiced in sharing my excitement with friends.

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Never the Same

I am a very happy (and grateful) mother to a beautiful 10 year old bright, bubbly and vivacious daughter. It has been a long time since I lost my two precious babies, but there is honestly not a day that goes by where I don’t wonder what could have been.

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Trisomy 13

With our first pregnancy, we tried for 1.5 years to get pregnant, and needed fertility help. It was hard and frustrating and felt like it took an eternity. This time around, we knew that could happen again. We waited to try until we were ready, but also kept in mind that it might take a year or two to conceive.

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Four Angels

My journey to be a mum started when I was about to turn 38. Until then I never wanted children, I thought my life was complete with my two gorgeous dogs...until one night I had a dream that I desperately wanted a baby. 

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Baby B - severe heart defect

So many moms who would rip their own hearts out so that their children would live. Mommy’s like me who had to be so strong and take the pain so that babies like you wouldn't have to.

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Friendship after Pregnancy and Infant Loss with Jade Redmond and Rachael Casella

Jade and Rachael are incredible advocates in this space.  They continue to show up and share their experiences of pregnancy loss and much much more via their social channels.  They raise awareness, they foster more empathy and they challenge the false narratives that exist around pregnancy loss.  What's really beautiful here is how these two women have connected and how a shared mutual experience of pregnancy loss can be something that has brought them together to foster a meaningful bond.  Listen to their story here:

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