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Recurrent Miscarriage Stories

Pushing 40

I experienced my first loss 2 years ago after having had two normal pregnancies. I fell pregnant and had all the usual symptoms I'd had in my other pregnancies... that was until I started to experience some spotting.

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My Journey So Far

I write this story on my way to Melbourne for a specialist appointment, reflecting on the tough journey so far, but hopeful for some answers. To date I have had 3 missed miscarriages and 3 D&C’s. It’s hard to tell which time was the hardest, the 1st or the 3rd.

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Breaking the Silence

I don’t think I am ever going to be able to find the exact words I want to entirely explain how miscarriage and baby loss makes you feel. It’s unique. Only those who suffer miscarriage and baby loss can truly understand the boundless heartache and emptiness it brings, along with the silence that surrounds it.

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My rainbow after 4 miscarriages

In June 2019, after 6 months of trying to conceive, I was delighted to find out I was pregnant! My partner Nathan and I eagerly started planning our new life as parents. I booked my first scan at 7 weeks. We had no idea what to expect, and eagerly rejoiced at hearing the heartbeat.

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Early Pregnancy Loss

I started following Pink Elephants right after my first miscarriage. I wanted to say thank you for creating a space that I could go to for knowledge, understanding and validation of how I was feeling.

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I'm from the 1%

Now I’m not only 1 in 4 which is a really sad club to be part of but I’m also part of the 1% who has 3 miscarriages or more.

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Recurrent miscarriage to welcome our rainbow baby!

I was doubting myself as a women, asking myself why I can’t hold a pregnancy and if I’d ever be able to give my husband the family we so badly wanted.

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Born sleeping 

No one can give us reasons to why this has happened.

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My Story - I have had 8 miscarriages & diagnosed with recurrent pregnancy loss

“Instead of telling you you’ll be alright, I'm just going to be that someone by your side” – Guy Sebastian Standing With You.

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Two late term pregnancy losses in two years

In the months that followed, we pursued a range of tests including trio exome genetic testing. Our doctors concluded that, while the cause had not been identified, the risk of recurrence was very low. 

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My journey of recurrent miscarriage and secondary infertility

My husband held my hand as I cried for what could have been.

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2 missed miscarriages and 2 rainbow babes

I am so grateful that we have been able to have our two rainbow babies - they have no doubt healed my heart.

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Cheryl George - my story

It’s surely one of the loneliest and bewildering experiences I’ve ever had.

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A Social Worker's Experience with Loss in the System with Terry Diamond

Terry has been a long time supporter of the work of the Pink Elephants.  Terry brought all of her wisdom, knowledge and clinician knowledge to let us know how we could help people, but also made it more than just a sad place where bereaved parents would connect.  She really helped to build the foundations of our peer support program.  

Here she shares her experience with us, watch the podcast below:

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