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Pink Elephants are a community of women who have all gone through the heartbreaking experiences of losing our much-loved babies and, like elephants who all stand around in a circle and mourn together, we are here to support you through your grief.

Research has shown that 282 women a day suffer from early pregnancy loss throughout Australia, with 1 in 4 pregnancies (not women), ending in miscarriage. Sadly, we cannot physically be with each and every one through the heartbreaking and individual journey, but you definitely don’t have to walk it alone. To surround and incorporate you with a larger nurturing community, we provide a free inclusive monthly virtual #circleofsupport with a specifically picked panel to provide information, perspective, and experiences regarding the relevant and diverse topics that relate to early pregnancy loss.

Our next virtual #circleofsupport panel discussion:

To be confirmed

You are not alone. Sadly, all of us at Pink Elephants and within our online communities have also been through miscarriage and early pregnancy loss. From these experiences, we grew this Circle of Support for anyone who's had to suffer this heartbreak. Please join us for a chat about how we started, what we advocate for, and all the different ways we can support you - including 2 new exciting launches.

Please note: every participant will be muted and have their cameras off as each event will be recorded and streamed on our Facebook page live - please do not turn them on for privacy reasons. You are very welcome to ask questions throughout the talk within the chat box or under the Facebook Live event, which we aim to answer at the end of the talk.

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Save The Date:

* Tuesday 25th May 2021, 8pm AEST, Marking The Loss

Previous and future panel discussion subjects:

  • Just Miscarried; what to expect, what’s normal, etc.
  • Fertility issues
  • Marking The Loss; incorporating the International Wave of Light for International Pregnancy & Infant Loss Memorial Day (recording of this event can be accessed by clicking here)
  • Pregnancy After Loss
  • Termination For Medical Reasons (TFMR)
  • Early pregnancy loss within the sexuality & gender diverse community
  • Support and self-care during COVID-19

*Confidentiality & Referrals: We take your privacy seriously and treat all information with respect, sensitivity, and confidentiality. All Peer Support Ambassadors have been briefly trained by a bereavement counsellor and have lived experience so can only offer peer support. For all other signs of complicated grief and/or effects from other psychological influences, we will refer you to professionals. All online sessions are saved in our zoom archives and may be sent out to all registrations and future beneficiaries.