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3 Rowing Marathons for 3 Miscarriages/Early Pregnancy Losses

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Hi Guys,

In support of all those 1 in 3 women (and their partners/families), who have suffered through miscarriages or early pregnancy losses, I am hoping to raise some awareness and funds for the Pink Elephant Support Network.

As many of you know my beautiful wife, Arty, and I, had 3 losses over the course of 2020, and as a symbol of recognition, support, and healing, both physically and mentally - I am committing to complete 3 marathons on the rowing machine over the course of 2 weeks, 1 for each loss.

2020 was simply the hardest year of our lives together. Through it all, our support network has driven us to be more vocal about this seemingly common occurrence for women, reducing any stigma and talking about miscarriages and early losses.

The impact, emotional and physical, is something that has become so foreign to so many people because we have a preconceived "hush-hush" stance on losses. Needless to say everyone grieves in their own ways, but education and knowing where and what support is available is absolutely CRITICAL.

Speaking first hand, as a partner, watching grief take its toll on my wife in all facets of her life was just SOOOO HARD. You naturally take an 'alpha' stance and go into protection mode, to the detriment of yourself. The impact hits you too! I know at least it did for me. A period of time after (and throughout) our losses, I found myself having crippling panic attacks and anxiety. It changed me, but mostly it affected how I could support Arty.

We give a HUGE thanks to all our family and friends who supported us, and we will remain vocal advocates to the ongoing growth of support for women and men who have suffered through miscarriages and early pregnancy losses.

Please feel as generous as you want!

Big love to all, and this once again is in support and memory for all those lost angels! xxx

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