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Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

October International Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month  1 in 3 women in Australia will suffer a pregnancy loss, 283 women & their partners today and every day will hear the words 'I'm sorry there is no heartbeat'. They will leave the hospital with no baby in their arms and silently grieve their loss. Society still often minimises the experience of miscarriage and early pregnancy loss.  Pink Elephants are proud to play our role this month and always in breaking the silence and sharing the truth to RIGHT the story and foster more empathy and understanding for our community when their babies die. 

All month we will raise awareness by challenging the myths that surround miscarriage and early pregnancy loss, we will share stories of women who have experienced the many different types of pregnancy loss. You can play your role by sharing and engaging with our content, when you can't find the words often our content can help you by being shared so that your circle of support can understand what you're potentially feeling/experiencing. October the 15th is International Remembrance Day and there is a beautiful Wave of Light across the globe and at 7 pm your local time you can light a candle in remembrance of your baby. 

We look forward to the day when the death of our babies is validated as bereavement when we are met with empathy and understanding when the silence is broken and our friends and loved ones know how to speak to us after our losses. This will only happen when the silence is broken and when early pregnancy losses are validated as much as later-term losses and stillbirths.  We believe a loss is a loss no matter the gestation, our community are bereaved parents and deserve more support, empathy, and understanding.  It's why our campaign  Leave for Loss is so so important in challenging the false narrative and validating all pregnancy losses as bereavement. 

"I look forward to the ripple effect our stories can have this month, the awareness we can raise in honour of all our little babies forever in our hearts"

The article was written by Sam Payne CEO & Co-Founder of The Pink Elephants, mum to three never forgotten babies in my heart and two in my arms. 

13 October 2021
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