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#CountOurBabies: Including Miscarriage in the Census

At Pink Elephants, we understand the profound impact that miscarriage has on individuals and families. We acknowledge that the last census, with its omission of miscarried babies from the question on “live births,” failed to recognise the significance of these precious lives. We are advocating for a more inclusive census that reflects the realities of our community. #CountOurBabies

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Counting for Support and Resources 

Counting miscarried babies in the census is not only about acknowledging the lives lost but also about ensuring that appropriate resources and support are provided to families who have experienced miscarriage. 

The phrase "What gets counted, gets funded, gets researched" holds significant truth in this context. Currently, the lack of accurate data on the number of miscarriages occurring hinders our understanding of the scale and impact of this issue. It is highly likely that the problem is much larger than we perceive.

Without comprehensive data, it becomes challenging to allocate the necessary resources to address the needs of grieving families. The absence of clear referral pathways for women who miscarry leaves them navigating a complex and confusing system, exacerbating their emotional distress. 

By including miscarried babies in the census, we can advocate for improved support services, funding, and research opportunities.

In 2016, Stillbirths were included in the Australian Census. Surely it's time to count our babies too. Babies lost prior to 20 weeks gestation are just as real and they deserve to be counted.

Advancing Medical Knowledge and Care 

Accurate data is crucial in identifying patterns, risk factors, and potential causes of miscarriage. 

With better understanding, researchers can delve into why miscarriages happen and explore avenues for prevention and treatment. By shining a light on this issue through accurate data collection, we can encourage scientific inquiry and promote advancements in medical knowledge and care. 

The Silence Surrounding Miscarriage 

When the census fails to acknowledge the lives of miscarried babies, it inadvertently contributes to the silence and stigma surrounding miscarriage. By disregarding these losses, we diminish the grief experienced by countless parents who have endured the pain of losing a child before birth. Counting our babies in the census is an essential step towards validating their existence and recognising the emotional impact of miscarriage on individuals and families. We need to stop making miscarriage more invisible by not collecting data. 

Why Our Babies' Lives Should Be Counted 

At Pink Elephants, we firmly believe that every life matters. 

The inclusion of miscarried babies in the census allows for a more accurate representation of the lived experiences of our community. It provides an opportunity for grieving parents to honor their lost children and validate their grief in a tangible way. By counting our babies' lives, we empower individuals and families, ensuring their voices are heard, and their experiences are recognised. 

Advocacy Efforts and ABS Submission 

Our CEO, Sam Payne, is an unwavering and proven advocate for bereaved parents. She spotted the omission in the census and has been working behind-the-scenes on our submission to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to include ALL babies lost during pregnancy in the census. 

Sam recognises the significance of data in shaping policies and support services for families affected by miscarriage. Our aim is to create an inclusive census that reflects the realities of our community. 

The Power of Community: #CountOurBabies 

At Pink Elephants, we believe in the power of the community to drive change. We encourage individuals, families, and supporters to join us in advocating for the inclusion of miscarried babies in the census

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Help us raise awareness by using #CountOurBabies, and together we can amplify our message and generate public support for this vital cause. Together, we can ensure that every baby's life is counted, and the experiences of our community are acknowledged.

By shedding light on the scale of miscarriages, we can advocate for improved referral pathways, increased funding for support, and a deeper understanding of why miscarriage occurs. It is essential for society to acknowledge and support grieving families, and comprehensive data collection is a crucial first step towards achieving this objective.

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25 June 2023
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