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Transforming the Experience of Miscarriage in Australia

In a recent visit to Parliament House, Pink Elephants CEO, Sam Payne, spoke to The Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care, The Hon Gerardine Kearney MP about Pink Elephants work and the experiences of those we support through miscarriage.

With a deep sense of pride for her team and the impact they have on thousands of bereaved parents each month, Sam also expressed concerns about the poor treatment women still face during their miscarriage journey.

Pink Elephants, a trusted charity after seven years of dedicated service, aims to bring about change, advocating for legislative reforms and amplifying the voices of bereaved parents.

 Advocacy for Change

Pink Elephants has made significant strides in our advocacy efforts for early pregnancy loss. Recognising that there is still a long way to go, Pink Elephants remains committed to pushing for further reforms to address the gaps in support for bereaved parents at various stages of their experience.

Our "Leave for Loss" campaign played a pivotal role in effecting legislative change, ensuring that people now have access to bereavement leave after losing a baby.
Leave For Loss  

Amplifying Voices

One of the most crucial aspects of Pink Elephants' work is ensuring that the voices of bereaved parents are heard. During her meeting with The Hon Gerardine Kearney MP, Sam emphasised the importance of acknowledging the significance of each baby lost and the impact on parents' lives. By encouraging open dialogue and sharing personal experiences, Pink Elephants aims to break the silence surrounding miscarriage. 

We are working to create supportive environments within communities, the healthcare system, and workplaces - where the experiences of bereaved parents are recognised and validated.

Partnerships and Gratitude

Sam Payne extended heartfelt gratitude to The Hon Gerardine Kearney MP for her willingness to understand the experiences of bereaved parents. Recognising the value of ongoing dialogue, Pink Elephants looks forward to collaborating with the government to establish meaningful ways to ensure every bereaved parent has access to the support they need after losing their baby. 

By forging these partnerships, Pink Elephants aims to bring about systemic change and improve the overall support available to grieving families.

We Are Here. No Matter Where You Are. 

For those currently struggling with the pain of miscarriage or early pregnancy loss, Pink Elephants offers a range of support online and over the phone. 


15 June 2023
Category: News