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#CountOurBabies Update

Earlier this year we put a submission in to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) advocating for them to include miscarried babies in the next Australian Census. 

The ABS has rejected this submission.


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“If we don’t count the numbers, we are telling women they don’t matter; their loss isn’t important.”  

This is not just about numbers. It's about human lives, validation of our experiences, and the right to recognition.  

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National Womens Health Advisory Council Survey

The National Women’s Health Advisory Council wants to hear from women, along with experts, health care professionals, consumer representatives and peak stakeholder groups to better understand the unique barriers and gender bias women face in Australia’s healthcare system. They want to better understand the discrimination women, girls and people assigned female at birth experience in health care in Australia.

Pink Elephants will continue to fight to have our babies counted and for a national collection of pregnancy loss data.

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15 September 2023
Category: News