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Information relating to conception, pregnancy loss, infertility and pregnancy can often feel overwhelming. We want to ensure that we present you with evidence based and factual information, and are grateful to the experts who are part of our #circleofsupport for sharing their knowledge here.

Infertility and Covid-19 - When It Feels Like Life is on Hold

As a counsellor who specialises in providing support for women and couples experiencing pregnancy loss and infertility, I often find it can resonate for my clients when I suggest that it must feel like life is on hold in so many ways. And COVID-19 has complicated this even further in many ways

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Virtual #circleofsupport - Fertility & Trying to Conceive

Our expert panel consisted of Genea Fertility Specialist Dr Anthony Marren, Naturopath & Nutritionist Belinda Kirkpatrick, Fertility & Empathy Coach Miranda Murray, and was hosted by Genea Corporate Communications Manager Elizabeth Gosch.

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Seeing a Naturopath for Miscarriage - Belinda Kirkpatrick

The preconception period is recognised as being very important to the health of a future baby. Following a tailored preconception health plan can contribute to optimal foetal health and hopefully, a successful pregnancy.

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Vitamins in Pregnancy - Belinda Kirkpatrick

During pregnancy, the nutritional demands on our bodies are very high. All pregnant women will require nutritional supplementation to some extent, even if you feel that you already follow a healthy, balanced diet. 

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Virtual #circleofsupport - TFMR (termination for medical reasons)

Presented in conjunction with our national partner Genea, our expert panel consisted of Perinatal Social Worker Terry Diamond, Genea Genetic Counsellor Katie Ellis, founder of Mackenzie’s Mission Rachael Casella, Pink Elephants Peer Support Manager Anna Kratovil and was hosted by Genea Corporate Communications Manager Elizabeth Gosch.

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