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Celebrating our Rainbows

Celebrating our Rainbows

Our Rainbow Babies

Celebrating the arrival of our much longed for babies is an important part of validating our previous loss or losses. Here we share some of your rainbow stories and pictures of your babies.

If you would like your Rainbow Baby included on this page, please submit a picture introducing him/her, along with a few lines about your journey. 


Our little rainbow baby came after 3 storms - a loss at 12 weeks, a loss at 7 weeks and we also lost his twin at 6.5 weeks. He means the world to us and brings us much happiness and is a constant reminder of how precious life is! Melanie 


I found Pink Elephants after my world had crumbled following a miscarriage. I felt comforted knowing I was not alone in my journey. I had found a beautiful community of women embracing each other in love during their worst moments. The support continued during my next pregnancy when moments of anxiety and doubt would creep in. Our beautiful rainbow baby Isla has helped heal a wound within our family and filled me with hope again for a wonderful future.  


I fell hard for the whole “rainbow baby” thing because the storm before matters! I’ve endured primary and secondary infertility, had two consecutive miscarriages and had to quit my job to protect my unborn baby. All of which has made me who I am today, especially as a mother. My beautiful rainbow is now 18 months old and her name is Violet (as in one of the colours of the rainbow).  We absolutely adore her and the light she brings to life! Jess 


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After experiencing two miscarriages, we were blessed with our rainbow baby Johnny. I honestly felt like I couldn't breathe throughout his pregnancy, and his birth didn't offer immediate relief.  I remember the night when it all changed. It was just the two of us and I looked at him, smelled him, cuddled him, felt his weight in my arms, his warmth on my skin and finally, the relief swelled in my chest. He’s here, he’s my beautiful baby boy.


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