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Brooke's story

Brooke's story

My world crumbled and I was succumbed with anxiety.

I lost my baby at 8.5 weeks. I had my dating scan a week earlier and everything seemed ok. When I went to the Dr for the results thinking that I was taking the next steps to book in my OB and have subsequent scans, the GP explained that the gestational sac was measuring too small for the gestation that I had. She said that I would have a scan in a weeks time to check that it is a viable pregnancy. My world crumbled and I was succumbed with anxiety. I clutched my stomach at night hoping that everything would be ok meanwhile checking each time that I go to the toilet for blood. As the days progressed closer I had some hope but the day before the scan I felt dampness in my underwear and I knew in that moment that I was losing my baby. That night my body worked to birth my baby and I delivered a tiny baby in its gestational sac. While this was incredibly confronting, I was somewhat comforted by the fact that I could meet my baby and say goodbye. I laid my baby to rest in my garden so that I can visit them. One of the hardest afterwards was confiding in people and having them use the at least statements or even worse it wasn’t the right time. It felt so easy for these people to say this as they hadn’t experienced loss. However, it shouldn’t take a loss for you to empathise that these are hurtful words.

- Brooke