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Pink Elephants Healthcare Education

Our beneficiaries tell us that the support for individuals who experience miscarriage from the health system is primarily medical and lacks acknowledgement of the emotional distress at the time and into the future. 

We know that this is exacerbated due to the fractured nature of the health system and the multitude of locations in which a person finds out they may be having or have had a miscarriage.

We are seeking a new approach to ensure all people who experience early pregnancy loss, and those who provide care for them understand how to provide emotional support and resources and referral to Pink Elephants if appropriate.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and we hope it supports you and the women you care for.  Please complete the below form to access the video.

Pink Elephants currently receives no ongoing government funding. A donation to help us continue to support bereaved parents, and produce more content and educational videos like this one, will always be welcomed.  

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