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Peer Support - Online Communities

Peer Support - Online Communities

We are so sorry for your loss or losses.

Welcome to our Private Online Communities page, where you can connect with many others who have gone through the heartbreaking experience of losing their much-loved babies. You are not alone and you did nothing wrong.

Our Facebook group communities offer a safe haven where we can support, empathise, nurture and empower each other with empathy throughout our individual journeys. They are respectful and shielded places where you can read other’s stories, share your own, send out love, support, virtual hugs, and give what you can back, all sheltered in the security of a community that are walking a similar path to yours right now. No question is silly, no emotion extreme or release too strong.

We acknowledge and resonate with the different stages of miscarriage and early pregnancy loss, the trauma of Termination for Medical Reasons (TFMR), the fear of trying to conceive again, struggles with infertility, and the anxiety of pregnancy after loss (PAL). To envelop and nurture you through these stages, we offer different groups for each phase.

Please Note:

  • For security and confidentiality, we ask that you request to join each community by answering every question and agreeing to the group rules. Please read these carefully. If you do not answer a question and are declined acceptance, this is likely because you missed an answer or to agree to the group rules. Please try again - we are not actively rejecting those in grief and in need of support, but we have a duty of care to those within the groups to ensure our communities are safe and equal.
  • We do not accept pages or people who have not experienced early pregnancy loss. If you are a supportive loved one or medical professional eager to understand, please head to our Support Someone You Love or our Research Pages.

To request to join our Miscarriage Support group, please click here

To request to join our Termination For Medical Reasons (TFMR) Support group, please click here

To request to join our Preconception Support group, please click here

To request to join our Pregnancy After Loss (PAL) Support group, please click here

To request to join our Sexuality and Gender Diverse (LGBTIQ+) Miscarriage & Preconception Support group, please click here

You are not alone - we’re in this together.

*Confidentiality & Referrals: We take your privacy seriously and treat all information with respect, sensitivity, and confidentiality. All private groups are moderated by Peer Support Companions who have been briefly trained by a bereavement counsellor and have lived experience so can only offer peer support. For all other signs of complicated grief and/or effects from other psychological influences, we will refer you to professionals. All online communication is saved in archives.

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