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Over the Rainbow

A rainbow baby is one that is born after a miscarriage or stillbirth. It’s perceived to be a symbol of hope and joy following a dark, stormy time….just like a rainbow after a storm.

The appearance of a rainbow doesn’t necessarily mean the storm is over. The rain may linger behind the clouds, sprinkling down when you least expect it…or even pounding you with its harsh intensity, reminding you of its presence.

Yet, despite the storm that precedes it, the beauty of a rainbow brings about a feeling of calm and a promise that days of sunshine await us. 

In the same way, the birth of a rainbow baby after the heartbreak of loss, does not erase the memory of our babies lost. It does not make us ‘better’ or take the place in our hearts of the little ones we will never hold in our arms. 

It does however, give us something beautiful to behold and a promise that while our hearts may have been broken and bruised, there is a space for healing, a space for hope and a space for love.

Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnancy after loss is a time that can be fraught with many conflicting emotions. Here we’ll look at some strategies to help you manage your anxieties and connect with your baby.

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Celebrating Our Rainbows

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After the birth of my rainbow baby Johnny, the early months were a bit of a blur as he was extremely unsettled. Until I discovered the Love to Dream swaddles - they were an absolute lifesaver!  I am super excited about our collaboration with Love to Dream as not only will it help raise much needed funds for The Pink Elephants Support Network, it will also shine a light on the impact of early pregnancy loss  whilst spreading an incredible message of hope for those experiencing it right now."

Sam Payne

Pink Elephants Co-founder and CEO

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