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Thank you so much for supporting this incredible charity.
I had an 8 year, very difficult journey to Motherhood. My hubby, my mom, my friends and girlfriends all wanted me to be a mom too so badly. Every time I had a miscarriage, they would be so upset for me. Sometimes I couldn’t speak. Sometimes I could share. Sometimes it would just be silence. It’s cliché, but sometimes I would just want to sit and cry in the bathroom.

Then there were beautiful new girlfriends who showed up for me, which was totally unexpected but incredible. These women who came forward and said, “Hey listen, I’ve been through this. I’ve got you.”
Now a mom of beautifully spirited twins it's my time to give back and share the message of HOPE & SISTERHOOD!

Thank you again for your support it means the world!

xx pippy

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15 Apr 2021

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