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1st May Circle of Support Day

1st May Circle of Support Day

To celebrate Pink Elephants 5 years of supporting, nurturing, and empowering women and their partners and families through pregnancy loss, trying to conceive, and pregnancy after loss. We are asking you, our community, to join us and host a gathering with your circle of support.

Join us and host a gathering with your own circle of support.

In the lead up to Mothers Day we know how hard it can be, it’s a time that can be very triggering. We want to provide you, our community, with a day to feel validated in your losses and to feel supported by your own circle of support.

Get your circle of support together for 1st May Circle of Support Day - the ones who have your back on this journey, and come together for a picnic, a brunch, a dinner under the stars, or whatever special way you want to celebrate your strength. A safe space for you to share your journey that will be met with empathy and understanding.

Register to host your circle of support day by clicking here. We will email you with some incredible digital assets to share with your networks and inspire them to be part of your #circleofsupport. 

We’ll also include some special rituals that your circle can create together, something beautiful you can treasure forever.

And we’ll also give you discount codes for supportive brands that are getting behind our circle of support day! Click here to register.

We understand that pregnancy loss and fertility challenges are heartbreaking, devastating and so isolating at times this event is about acknowledging our losses, our difficult journeys but also focusing on the hope, the rainbow’s the magic that keeps us going, and the undeniable power of a strong circle of support. 

We’re super excited for this special event and can’t thank our special Patron Pippy Pomeranz for her incredible vision and idea to bring this to life. It’s her way of contributing to our circle of support. Let's get behind her and make this super special together.

Fundraising is a vital lifeline for Pink Elephants. We're 5yrs young but mighty and making a huge impact - in 2020, the year of all years, we kept going and we supported 65,000 of you. 

We cannot do this alone - we need you! So please join us and raise much-needed funds to support other women and their families through the devastating loss of their babies. Register here.

Just quietly, we will be announcing some incredible prizes on the day that will be our way of thanking you for getting behind this special celebration. 

Click here to register your circle of support day.