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Support Someone You Love

Support Someone You Love

Is your loved one going through a loss? Unsure how to help them?

It’s ok, we can help you be there for your loved one to ensure they don’t feel alone after losing their baby to miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Let us guide you with what to say and what you can do to support them. Thank you for taking time out of your day to be part of our #circleofsupport you are doing an amazing thing.

Jizo Statues Memorial Garden

The Japanese art of grieving a miscarriage is through Jizo Statues that are gifted to a woman who experiences a miscarriage. These small figurines are dressed in red caps and bibs and placed in gardens to honour the souls of babies who were never born.

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MisUnderstandings of Miscarriage Documentary

Tahyna MacManus, Filmmaker and Pink Elephants Patron, embarks on a personal journey to understand the physical, emotional and psychological impacts of miscarriage. As she tries to fall pregnant again, she discovers that the world of women’s silence and shame can become one of strength in numbers. Watch the MUM Documentary trailer here and visit her website for more information https://www.mumdocumentary.com/ 

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