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All the Support

Peer Support Program

We are so sorry for your loss or losses.

The Pink Elephants Peer Support Program is a community of women who have all gone through the heart breaking experiences of losing our much-loved babies, and we want you to know we truly understand, you are not alone, and you did nothing wrong. 

We are here to give you our time, our support, our empathy, and a safe space for everything you are feeling, thinking and questioning - which are all real, valid and normal. Grief can come across in many different ways for many diverse people but we are here to support you through each and every way.

We’ve been where you are, we get it. And we’re in this together. 

We recognise that sometimes our loved ones have not experienced this devastation and don’t know what to say or how to support us. Grief can’t just be ‘fixed’, but in order to start processing it and eventually healing from it, it does need the freedom to be expressed without judgement, burden or guilt.

We acknowledge and resonate with the different stages of miscarriage and early pregnancy loss, the intangible grief that accompanies it, as well as the fear of trying again and the anxiety of pregnancy after loss. To envelop and nurture you through these stages, we offer several different free pathways of support to adapt to many different needs:

Downloadable Resources

Free downloadable resources are available to everyone and cover a myriad of issues relating to the journey of early pregnancy loss.

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Online Communities

Private Facebook groups provide a supportive community to connect with through sharing journeys and stories, providing comradeship.

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Live Chat offers one-on-one immediate connection and support with a Peer Support Companion.

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Personalised Phone Calls

Our personalised phone call appointments are available if you need a safe space to talk one-on-one with a Peer Support Companion. 

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Use one or use them all. Although we are not trained counsellors, we are trained volunteer Peer Support Companions who will affirm your loss whichever way you choose. Knowing that others have walked a similar path to yours and are here to walk yours alongside you, can understand what you're going through and have their own lived experience but have healed, provides positive affinity and relief that the journey can be endured.

We are with you and we support you. 

*Confidentiality & Referrals: We take your privacy seriously and treat all information with respect, sensitivity and confidentiality. All Peer Support Companions have been briefly trained by a bereavement counsellor and have lived experience so can only offer peer support. For all other signs of complicated grief and/or effects from other psychological influences, we will refer you to professionals. All online communication is saved in archives, and phone call appointments have brief notes kept on the online booking system.