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Pink Elephants on I'm a Celebrity Australia

Pink Elephants was honoured to be mentioned following a heartwarming scene on a recent episode of I'm a Celebrity Australia.

We are so grateful for the vulnerability shown by Debra Lawrence and Liz Ellis, who both shared their experiences with early pregnancy loss. Watch the scene on TikTok or Instagram.

This very public conversation has been viewed and shared a ridiculous number of times and the comments keep coming in, with a resounding round of applause accompanied by deep love and gratitude.

Sharing these conversations allows the topic of pregnancy loss to be normalised and shows those who are grieving, that they are not alone.

Aesha Scott, from Below Deck, showed the kind of support and compassion many can only dream of receiving. "I'm so sorry," she said before hugging Deb and Liz.

Support really can be that simple. And we all agree - everyone needs a friend like Aesha.

You can watch I'm a Celebrity over on 10 Play.

13 April 2023
Category: News