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The Miscarriage Rebellion

The Miscarriage Rebellion

Invoke Empathy & Incite Action

Each year in Australia

100,000 - 150,000 women

experience the heartbreak of
losing a baby during pregnancy.


Behind every statistic is someone’s story. We’re sharing your stories to drive change.
The pervasive silence ends here.

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The Miscarriage Rebellion Podcast

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Hear from Australians who have experienced the devastation of early pregnancy loss and experts who provide insight into the challenges we face.

With evidence and empathy, we unpack the shame, blame and stigma; the lack of support that many face and the need for better understanding and care.

We are here to normalise the conversation. We are here to make a change.

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Pink Elephants urgently need more funding to provide early-intervention support to the hundreds of women every day who lose a baby to early pregnancy loss.

We are the only national support service specific to pregnancy loss prior to 20 weeks and receive no ongoing government funding. 

Pink Elephants is calling for an investment of $1.6 million to help bridge the gap between demand for our circle of support and our current capacity. 

For nearly 8 years we’ve been relying on raising our own funds whilst building, evaluating and iterating support programs that work. Given the prevalence and significant emotional impact of miscarriage, it is crucial for the Federal government to invest in supporting women who experience early pregnancy loss. By recognising and prioritising the emotional needs of women affected by miscarriage, the government sets a precedent for empathy and compassion in society.

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Together  we can invoke empathy and incite action.

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Your Stories Matter

“As hard as it may be to talk about the loss of a baby and with the baby, one’s hopes and dreams, I look forward to the day where we talk about our losses openly, where we hold space for the grief and pain of those who are experiencing it, where we shed the stigma and with it the unwritten, unspoken expectation that we should “just get over it” and that “it isn’t a big deal”.

It's time to make the unspoken, spoken. It’s time to rebel.”    

- Niti Nadarajah

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It’s Time for Change

Our vision is for a world where early pregnancy loss is normalised, and everyone understands how to support the journey. Here’s an overview of our advocacy work:


It's time for our babies to be counted. 



It’s time for our community to be met with genuine empathy and support from their workplaces.



It’s time for our health system to provide bereaved parents with a referral to the early-intervention emotional support they deserve. No one should leave the health system not knowing where to access to support.



It’s time to end the pervasive silence surrounding early pregnancy loss and support grieving families.


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