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Peer Support - Personalised Calls

We are so sorry for your loss or losses.

Welcome to our Personalised Phone Call Peer Support page, where you can book one-on-one time with one of our volunteer Peer Support Ambassadors who will call you when it suits your schedule and our availability.

Although we are not trained counsellors, we are trained volunteer Peer Support Ambassadors who have all gone through the heartbreaking experiences of losing our much-loved babies, and we want you to know we truly understand, you are not alone, and you did nothing wrong.

We are here to give you our time, our support, our empathy, and a safe space for everything you are feeling, thinking and questioning - which are all real, valid and normal. The grief of pregnancy loss can come across in many different ways for many diverse people but we are here to support you through each and every way.

To envelope and nurture you through these stages of grief, we offer a safe space to talk one-on-one to the same Peer Support Ambassador in real time. This can help you process what’s happened, provide validation to your experience, give you time and space to mourn, and empower you beyond through a trusting, nurturing bond.

How it works: You have access to 6 x free calls with the same Ambassador, ensuring continuity of care. An initial support call lasts for approx. 45mins, then 5 x further support calls last for approx. 30mins each. You can only book these one at a time, in the form below or during your calls with your Ambassador.

To Book:

  1. Please click on the relevant call you request. You cannot book any follow-up calls without an Initial call first.
  2. You have the choice of booking a specific Peer Support Ambassador, or “any Available” depending on availability.
  3. After choosing a day and time that suits you, please fill out a required section of your details.
  4. Once completed, you will be sent a confirmation email which includes a link to reschedule or cancel the appointment if needed.

Please note:

  • Calls are made by our volunteer Peer Support Ambassadors so will show on your phones as “No Caller ID” to protect their private numbers. If a call is missed, Ambassadors will try again 5 minutes later but it is up to their discretion how often they try to reach you. If a call is completely missed, you can rebook here.
  • Calls are only available to Australian telephone numbers.
  • If you have any difficulties or would like to change your allocated Peer Support Ambassador, please email psp@pinkelephantssupport.com
  • If you feel you are experiencing a particularly traumatic grief response and require clinical support, we suggest calling Red Nose qualified Bereavement Counsellors on 1300 308 307.

We’ve been where you are, we get it. And we’re in this together.

*Confidentiality & Referrals: We take your privacy seriously and treat all information with respect, sensitivity and confidentiality. All Peer Support Ambassadors have been briefly trained by a bereavement counsellor and have lived experience so can only offer peer support. For all other signs of complicated grief and/or effects from other psychological influences, we will refer you to professionals. All phone call appointments have brief notes kept on the online booking system.