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The Pink Elephants Support Network

Run, Walk or Stroll

Whether you’re a serious athlete or just love the feeling of being part of a community, these events are a great way to have fun and know you’re supporting many who need and deserve our care.

There is no shortage of activities, both virtual and in person, to inspire you to get your running gear on and grab a group of friends to fundraise to the Pink Elephants Support Network.

Every dollar you raise will go to enabling critical early intervention emotional support and care for those who experience the trauma and heartbreak of Miscarriage and Early Pregnancy Loss.

Child loss is the hardest and loneliest path to walk, but we are never alone. We walk side by side, holding each other up. We may not know each other, distance may be far between, but we are all connected through our experiences. Being part of that circle means that we can help others through this, and I believe that is the key to letting ourselves begin to heal.

The reason why I have chosen to raise money for The  Pink Elephants Support Network is that they support couples after miscarriages and premature deaths in Australia. Some of you may know that 2019 was the toughest year for Lauren and I, losing two baby boys at 18 weeks (January 2019) and 16 weeks (December 2019) gestation."

Jackson Freeman shared why he decided to run in support of Pink Elephants

Luckily we have such an amazing family and friends support network that we didn't need the support of an outside community. But through conversation with people and further reading, we discovered how common miscarriages are (1 in 4 pregnancies), and how little they are talked about (Elephant in the room). This is why I have chosen this support network, as some other couples in Australia may not be as lucky as Lauren and I with such supportive family and friends.

We don't want people to go through what we went through alone and feeling under-supported. The support network helps to provide comfort, peer groups and information, ultimately helping mental wellbeing.

Get in touch with Lara if you need further information and support to fundraise lara@pinkelephantssupport.com

Thanks to our supporters