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Miscarriage Stories

The day my life came crumbling down

The moment you get those two lines on the test is a day you never forget and the day your life completely changes.

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Be kind to yourself and your uterus

It will be one year next month since I started my journey to try for a baby. And my journey is still not over. I wanted to write my story now while I am still childless because I think it’s important.

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You don't have to suffer in silence

“I’m sorry there is no heartbeat.” Hearing these words said to me was beyond heart-breaking. Sadly, I’ve heard this said to me twice.

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A crack in my heart

Last week proved to be the hardest week of my entire life. It was the week in which I lost my baby.  And my world broke open. It fell apart.

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Shadows of a Miscarriage

I was 14 and a half weeks along in my second pregnancy when I experienced our miscarriage. Our hearts were broken and the tears were continual. Our world stopped spinning. What I didn’t really understand before this happened, was the shadow that extends beyond the miscarriage itself....

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My Miscarriage During Covid-19

I found out I was pregnant early May which delighted us to be expanding our family (we already have a 2 and half year old).  From around 5-10 weeks I was so ill due to the pregnancy – bedridden, sick, dizzy, unable to look after our daughter, all good signs of a healthy pregnancy, so they say.

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Ectopic Pregnancy - Location Unknown

It sounds so cold and clinical – “unknown location”. But that’s what it’s called. Your body is sending all the signals that you are pregnant, but a baby can’t be seen on the screen anywhere. It started when I got what I thought was my period. I bled for 11 days straight and had a pain on my right side so I thought I should probably go to the doctor.

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Due for a Miscarriage

Statistically, I was “due” for a miscarriage. It happens to one in four women in Australia. But after three healthy pregnancies, I never considered miscarriage to be a real threat. I had conceived naturally and with ease and felt very “compatible” with pregnancy. Foolishly, I didn’t think it would happen to me.

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In My Heart & In My Memories

I always found it strange when people said ‘I/we lost the baby’. So, when it was my turn to use that phrase, I just couldn’t. For me, a miscarriage was attached to images of women bleeding and experiencing a huge physical loss. I didn’t have these things.

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Blighted Ovum, Miscarriage #1

One moment I will never forget, and forever appreciate is when she turned to my husband and asked "how are you?"

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Austin's Story

In my heart I knew.

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